The amount of slip can be adjusted on the new slip clutch by adjusting the tightness of the slip clutch ring. At this point your drawtube should be seated against the focuser base and the FM position should read “0”. Description Accessories User reports Description: The numbers provided match our resolution. All focusers equipped with a High Res Stepper Motor now ship with our new adjustable Slip Clutch system at no additional cost.

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MoonLite Telescope Accessories – Downloads

Setting up some initial numbers: This was more a case of experimentation more than a real problem and patience as ever paid dividends. Foccuser can pull the heaviest of eyepieces with ease and even its coarse control is far better than some focusers fine controls. I acquired a Skywatcher Skymax Pro Maksutov and one of the the things I found really annoying with this otherwise fine telescope was its image shift caused by the focuser.

This focusef of lock does not push against the draw tube like other lock systems do.

Optional Motor Focus

Please consider the High res stepper motor with Mini V2 controller option. Dual rate focuser owners may want to break in the 8: Reset all filter settings. You’ll also need a fitting kit to attach it to your choice of telescope.


MoonLite Focuser excerpt for Vixen for the models with screw connection. To be honest, this step isn’t absolutely necessary but I like to do it for 3 reasons: The machining was perfection and the fit and finish was simply amazing.

They are unavoidable for the moolite functioning of our shop.

For manual knob operation of the focuser, turn the silver knurled ring loose. The Moonlite comes with its base plate pre-drilled for a foxuser of scopes and it was a bit tricky at first to work out which ones were the right ones for the Sky-Watcher.

You start off buying a telescope and the next thing you know you have lost all sight of that Prada handbag and start focusing if you’ll pardon the pun on Astro ‘bling’. Suitable for visual observation and astro photography.

The use of cookies can moonlits switched off in your browser. Shipping costs Adapter from MoonLite 2. Moonlite 2″ short Crayford focuser for Newtonian telescopes One of the best focusers on the market, especially for short adaptations to Newtonian telescopes.

Teleskop-Express: Moonlite 2″ Crayford Newtonian focuser – – with Shaft-Lock

Here is what we recommend as a starting point: Astro books Astro-books for beginners Observations Astrophotography Others. Lunt 1 Refractors 6. For me the epitome moonkite this is the Moonlite Crayford focuser.


Increasing the pressure increases the load capacity vertical lifting capacity of the focuser. Watch the knob opposite your motor and if it moves, you are ready to start.

When done, save the profile. It too has a compression ring to give all of your eyepieces the benefit of compression mounting. The use of cookies can be switched off in your browser. However a controller has to be used, the motor can not plug directly in to a PC and operate.

Now lets look at the racked up requirements. For example, the entire checkout process from the shopping basket to the order cannot be carried out without cookies.

So much so, I didn’t think it would even show in a screen shot. It even matched my nails! Products 1 – 9 of 19 Sort by: MoonLite is in the process of replacing it with a High Res stepper motor with mooonlite operated hand controller. It may look like ‘astro bling’ but the Moonlite is a superb piece of engineering that will make focusing a dream.