I’m sure there is a better solution out there, even if VFW seems to be disappearing into the background. Just wanted to add that I’ve done lots of testing for video games at true p60 and the only one that ever impressed me was xvfw. Your name or email address: CineForm is the obvious choice, but its VFW codec is single-threaded and it has nowhere near the performance of its DirectShow counterpart, and I’ve had issues actually getting the CineForm DS codec to work with capture tools that support DirectShow compressors. Tested in many situations here Last name is required. How have you tested this?

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Just do exactly as I wrote above: Check out picvideo mjpeg, also magicyuv lossless.

Filters, Codecs and Interfaces. Are there any other options? Don’t need perfect frame seeking during editing?

I have tried installing K-Lite codec Pack x32 and x Tested in many situations here Multimedia Interfaces and Objects. How to use the H. Hi all, Have been really enjoying myself with the Afterburner Beta video capture function: Monday – Friday, 8: Only sound, no images. I get sound but just a black screen for video. Thanks guy above that said you only need ffdshow!


Not working for me.

Lead MCMP/MJPEG Codec (VFW Driver)

Yes, my password is: Monday – Friday 8: So three years on and I’m still looking for a really good VFW lossy codec Last name is required. Someone should be in touch!

I forced through YUY2 from start to finish and everything worked fine – thanks! MJPEG treats a video stream as a series of still photos, compressing each frame individually, and uses no interframe compression.

Thank you for the feedback! UnwinderMay 19, SilithasAug 31, No, create an account now.

It may well be the case that there is a conversion to RGB24, I’ll check it when I’m back in the office.

Question cannot be empty. It’s based on the same corec of formula as UT codec, and produces equivalent filesizes. It was amazing how long it took to get computer media frameworks to support B-frames. Your email has been sent to support!

Multimedia Product Comparison Chart. Hi there, Thanks for that.


Where can I find the MJPG codec used for video capture?

Still no picture and only sound in vegas pro 11 64bit. I guess that this question goes specifically to Unwinder, ccodec if anybody else knows, you’re welcome to chime in! I tested this by capturing from a PS4 at QP 16 with the switches you specify. All you need to do is: