Our goal is to provide superior software products based on our users’ needs to solve simple to complex design and machining problems. It would seem that this is not the issue since to update the Hasp I need to be able to see it though HASP X and I do not thus it would not update regardless of the code being outdated. INI file to specify the address of the server. Posted March 8, I was very nervous when I first recommended switching to a nethasp because nethasp trouble can wreck the productiviy. Each hasp needs to be updated individually, so there will be a code file for each hasp.

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It gets more confusing as one goes along, especialy since in the Sentinal Access it has a place to make the HASP blink and I can do so from the Port page. Once in the files page, click on “replace” and scroll through the machine list to find the correct machine you would like to use.

This is because Mastercam posts out operations that have the same NC file name the text box that pops up when you go to write a toolpath, see below.

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Upon clicking the plus sign, you should expose haasp options, files, tool settings, and stock set-up. If you remove the SIM from the computer, you will no longer have the ability to run the software at all.


Like I mentioned you may want to edit the. We use the server’s name in the client’s. What is a NetHasp? I was very nervous when I first recommended switching to a nethasp because nethasp trouble can wreck the productiviy. This will allow you to download and install the latest version of Mastercam.

[Solved] HASP not found mastercam X6

Once someone checks out a license and it becomes locked up on the server – I think it is around 36 hrs before it released, unless you do it manually.

Mastercam is running on your home machine Have you tried running NetHasp? When the download is complete, double-click on aksdiag Click the “Create report” button to generate the text report file.

The program generates a mastsrcam file that can be sent to Technical Support to help troubleshoot issues.

Or maybe it helps minimize the disconnections. You’ve just installed Mastercam on your new computer.

Sign in with Twitter. Have you tried this hasp on a different computer. Plugging in my hard line assigned me a new IP again, so then I was up to three users.

Sim not being Found on X6 – Industrial Forum –

So, I just went from one user to two. Subscribe to eMastercam News. Click the “Sys Info” button to gather system and Mastercam information.

Can the box that won’t connect ping the Server successfully? On our network the pc’s generally are dynamic thus we have to request the static IP for our nethasp.


Will that hasp work on another system? Click the “Analyze” button to check for licensing problems. I was very nervous when I first recommended switching to a nethasp because nethasp trouble can wreck the productiviy of an engineering department, but its been rock solid since day 1.

Posted March 8, We can tell Mastercam exactly what type of Hasp we are using by using Nhaspx.

Mastercam FAQ

To do this, we are going to right click on the wireframe icon. You have to have someone with Administrator privileges to have access to your server so they can install some small software and assign IP addresses. Yep that is set fine and i also checked the Registry and it is good there as well. I now need to find out why this is as the user may need to remotein from home at some time and obviously this will not work as it now for that.

This file will be found in “My documents” unless you configured it otherwise.