Is the Infrared Data Port option set correctly for the external device with which you are communicating? See Running the Dell Diagnostics, for instructions. Admin Password Admin Password displays the current status of your administrator password and allows you to assign or change this password. The code helps Dell’s automated support telephone system direct your call more efficiently. Many of the following procedures refer to the power, drive access, and battery indicators see Figure When the computer is powered by a battery, the default setting for Brightness is the minimum. This message is most likely to occur after a memory module is installed.

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The Video test group also provides additional subtests to test the color features of the color display or an external color monitor.

For a change in the Boot Speed option to take effect, you must reboot your computer. The default is the highest memory address. Messages and Codes discusses the error messages that are generated by the computer. Interrupting the tests in any of these ways could lead to the loss of system data.

Drive not ready To diskette is in the diskette drive, or no hard-disk drive is in the drive bay.

Dell Latitude CP MXT – Latitude CP – Pentium MMX MHz Service manual |

Allow one minute for the computer to initialize its components before checking for signs of power. If the computer does not boot, call Dell for technical assistance. These errors are usually accompanied by a reference to an address, which you should record on a copy of the Diagnostics Checklist found.


Try to run the program again. Memory allocation error The software you are attempting to run is conflicting with the operating System, another application program, or a utility. This limitation is based on the number of available 8-bit direct-memory access DMA channels. See the documentation that came with your operating system. Then immediately exit it as described in Using the System Setup Program. About Under Subtest The About option in the Subtest menu displays information about the highlighted subtest, such as its limits and parameters and how to set them.

Turn off the computer and peripherals. Options Table lists all possible values for each global parameter c Options. If the problem persists, see Troubleshooting the Diskette Drive.

If you choose Selected, only the selected subtests are run. The default value is 1.

Dell Latitude CP M233XT – Latitude CP – Pentium MMX 233 MHz Manuals

When your battery no longer holds a charge, call your local waste disposal agency or environmental agency for advice on disposing of the computer’s lithium ion battery. To troubleshoot this problem, make a copy of the Diagnostics Checklist found in Getting Help, and fill it out as you complete the following procedure. Keyboard Click Keyboard Click lets you choose whether the built-in keyboard makes audible clicking sounds.

Be sure you have m233ct the command properly. Pages 1 and 2 of the System Setup Program file: Do not use the batteries with other computers, and do not use batteries from other computers with the Dell Latitude CP.


Dell Latitude CP MXT – Latitude CP – Pentium MMX MHz Manuals

Save all your work, exit any open application programs, and remove any installed batteries. The first line lists the options you can select; press the left- or right-arrow key to highlight a menu option.

Seek error The operating system cannot find a specific track on the diskette or hard-disk drive.

Check the contents of the initialization and start-up files. Different keys are used to change values for different types of parameters. For example, a variation in the latitue the data is sent to an external monitor may require a special screen driver program that expects a certain kind of video mode or monitor.

Make sure the m2233xt environment is set up to accommodate the programs you use. You can also control the sequence in which the tests are run.

Memory double word logic m233xy at address, read value expecting value An installed memory module may be faulty or improperly seated. If there is a conflict with a memory address reserved by the system, change the address of the device.

The following symptoms usually suggest a problem with a component or subassembly that warrants running a System Set subtest: