Does not affect an external keyboard. When the Recovery CD dialog box appears, follow the displayed instructions. To Use The Embedded Keypad If using both displays, video image will not appear on any display set up as “secondary”. Try to duplicate the customer’s problem.

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Be careful not to pull on the ribbon cable connecting the keyboard to the notebook. Xe3-gg sure floppy drive is installed correctly. Carefully remove the pin connector from the end of the drive by working alternately at each side, so that the connector slides off evenly without bending the connector pins.

For the external or internal loopback test, replace the gp. The programs that control this product are copyrighted and all rights are reserved. In foreign country, modem may not recognize dial tone. Put notebook in standby mode or shut down before attaching mouse. Caution Be careful not to touch the heatsink until it has cooled. Make sure sound is enabled software controls.


On-screen display does not appear when button is pressed. Parallel Port Tests h For the external loopback test, make sure the loopback connector is installed and constructed properly. Vireo all four screws in the underside of the hard drive carrier the carrier retains the screwsthen slide the drive back and up out of the case.

Check number you entered, including digits required for outside access or long distance. The latest version includes fields for warranty period and manufacturing location. Try another USB device.

Comments DVD doesn’t play with two displays. Try disabling error correction and data compression. Try connecting later in case line quality or other external factor is cause of problem.

HP OmniBook xe3-gf – Notebook PC Manuals

Remove and reinstall hard drive. Close any other communications programs. Embedded numeric keypad does not work.

Check settings in Device Manager. Close all applications before going into or allowing notebook to enter standby or hibernate mode. Transfer the old serial number label and install a new overlay, or xw3-gf a new serial number label using the steps below. Display difficult to read or part of ex3-gf not visible. Avoid touching touch pad while booting or resuming.


If the computer fails to restart with a clean boot, it requires repair.

Full text of “Laptop Service Manual: HP XE3gf”

Make sure printer cable is securely attached at both ends. Unplug AC adapter, remove battery, remove any PC cards, undock, then reconnect power and try again. This can vido notebook from detecting dial tone. Unplug the AC adapter, if present, and remove the battery. If OS starts from floppy drive, use Recovery CDs to reinstall factory software onto hard drive; replace hard drive. Loosening the Keyboard Retaining Screws 4.

Recommended Screw Torques Table Top case page Press outward to release the latches at the sides of the PCA, so that its free edge pops up.