I only have 1 option. THX for all tha helps! Or know how to fix these Devices to work? S Than I tried to install AC97 but it didnt appeared after tha install. I’m no Intel expert, but with e.

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System runs on Win Xp sp3.

I reinstalled tha audio drivers, deleted all these devices before doing that and my sounds are great, exept these are coming back and they cant be upgraded or installed, and I cant move sound to tha tv. I cant audlo work my webcam either, but thats a little problem.

Download MSI GX Audio Driver _WHQL for Windows Vista, Windows Vista 64 bit

So actually tha problem was tha missing of this driver, which is in tha VGA install driver, what I installed right after Windows, so I dont know why it wasnt on my laptop, but I will never understand these things: But when I wanted to try to turn my audio to AC 97′ than I also realised that I dont have such a thing: Sorry, but apart from ‘high definition audio’, I cannot understand what other devices you have missing from your screenshot.


I’m no Intel expert, but with e. P THX for help agan guys, its working fine now: I will never understand tha system of programs and hardware functions.

I only have 1 option. So I started to try everything out, and I thought tha tv got some problems till I realised my audio on notebook has some devicees that i cant install. Neither do we As it only confuses people.

OptiPlex GX Audio Driver – i-Tech 96

Or know how to fix these Devices to work? As for the webcam, turn in on, you probably haven’t yet. Well I didnt install all of them, cus I dont really need tha modem, or Wi-fi, but now I installed all of them, what on that page, and every unknown or not working thing disappeared from tha list exept one Pbut tomorrow I hope it’ll work.

Home Help Search Login Register. Your notebook uses a HD audio codec chip, so installing an AC97 driver is completely uadio.

Downloaded all drivers fx720 MSI and I got these: Please login or register. I got this notebook for a few days now and Im very pleased with it, exept little problems.

Sorry this goes to my latest post, thats my system now! And still my peoblem with this audio device occured. But now I dont know whats missing as I installed all of tha ausio there.: Every of my installs went properly with no problems and error messages, so i dont understand why can this be. Once they work, next time they die.


OptiPlex GX720 Audio Driver

THX for all tha helps! Screen is working fine, but no audio. S Could U tell me pls what am I missing? Anyone know audi connection better than me?

You need to set the audio-output to HDMI as well, see picture below. Maybe tha drivers are opimized for vista? You must have done something wrong or loaded the drivers in the gx7720 order. That sounds very good: S Than I tried to install AC97 but it didnt appeared after tha install. Now, I un- and reinstalled tha same VGA driver and it seems everything is fine, I dont have more unknown devices.