User’s Guide Move the right cover toward the back of the printer as you remove it, so that it clears the parallel port on the back of the unit. Page 85 User’s Guide Setting pen colors using software control If your application has the ability to use simultaneous colors, Software control the default should be your preferred method. Page User’s Guide Options: The equals sign stops blinking, indicating that the language is set. User’s Guide Caring for your media Store media in its original packaging in a cool, dry area until you are ready to use it. The newer models of NovaJet printers had already been designed around this part, so the problem was not a major one for the company. Because we are always adding new media, call your authorized ENCAD media dealer for a list of current offerings.

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Height – 42″ cm Height – 48″ cm Width – 44″ cm Width – 55″ cm Depth – 28″ Page NovaInk is an extended ink system which reduces the interval between cartridge changes. Try 3 or 4- pass enhanced. Refer to the Readme files on the driver disks provided with your printer. If you press Select while the printer is offline, the printer is reset and the buffer is cleared. Steady quality, good price. Cleaning the service station. These are the values you will set in the printer menu.


User’s Guide To use a previously saved user setting From the Main menu, press the arrow buttons to advance to the User Settings menu, then press Select.

Encad INC NovaJet 4 driver Printers software versions

If the image you send from the computer is of a different length or width than the print area defined novajft the loaded media size, you can change one or all of the following: You will need the jet plate suction bulb.

We will reply you within 24 hours M-F.

Color images require one cartridge each of cyan, magenta, yellow, and black. When installing cartridges, be sure that the inkjets are clean. This type of agreement allowed ENCAD to manufacture specific versions of its products for other companies, who would sell the product under their own brand names.

We have professional Printer Parts, Plotter parts Copiers parts a Page User’s Guide Examine the patterns to determine which value shows the best horizon- tal and vertical alignment between cartridges.

To prevent this, be sure the ink delivery line is completely relaxed before installing the cartridge. When choosing a RIP or a file format converter for output to the printer, make sure it has the features you need. Long life, can print about inks 4. Page Windows 95, but does not support Windows NT.

Page User’s Guide This page intentionally blank. User’s Guide If you are returning the cartridge to ENCAD, drain or extract as much of the ink out of the cartridge as possible, enclose it in a plastic bag, and seal the bag.


User’s Novzjet Move the right roll guide viewed from the front to align the media to the alignment mark on the front of the platen.

Page User’s Guide Options: C-1 Appendix D Error messages The printer prints marks and the display changes. Print is not to scale When you load new types of paper, you must perform the X-Y calibra- tion. Page 15 When installing cartridges, be sure that the inkjets bovajet clean.

Belt flatbed printer ZX-DD-1 clothing 4 or 8 colors optional. Make sure there are no air bubbles in the ink delivery lines. Slowly squeeze the bottle, dispensing all of the ink into jnc cartridge. The environment should be stable; i.

encad novajet 4

Cartridges leaking NovaJet Pro models only Check that reservoirs are not overfilled. Periodic Onc User’s Guide If the cartridge is firing properly, the bands in the plot will be smooth without dark streaks or white lines. Cannot draw ink during initial siphon NovaJet Pro models only Check that the clamp on the carrier is open.