Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. I dread to think of the number of people who must even now be committing their work to trusty LaserWriters of around ten years of age. Then it takes a good 10 seconds for the Print Dialog window to open and it is slow to navigate the different print settings for the Fiery. Post was not sent – check your email addresses! Although most assume that AppleTalk is a single networking protocol, in truth it is a complete stack. It is easy to see why Apple got out of the printer business, as its products often outlast a whole series of Macs, and still keep pumping out the pages.

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RIP AppleTalk – The Eclectic Light Company

The exception to the slowness is applealk our two Intel based Macs, iMac 2. We are not able to give an exact reason why, but there are significant discrepancies between the firmware version that is actually running on real world production systems and the version that is expected to be running, given the OS build. Skip to content It is eleven years since Apple dropped support for its former networking system, AppleTalk.

But AppleTalk has had its day.

On subsequent invocations I was averaging approx 2 seconds. The percentage of appletslk EFI versions varies greatly depending on the model. Largely confined to Apple systems, AppleTalk has been extensively documented I gave a link here which is now broken, but documentation is available still in Wikipedia and is still supported on some non-Mac systems.

EFI, which stands for Extensible Firmware Interface, bridges a Mac’s hardware, firmware, and operating system together to enable it to go from power-on to booting macOS. Things I have tried: Efu time in the future, Macs might become collectible, but keeping vintage Macs running will always be frustrating. Running over snail-slow LocalTalk cabling it made the first desktop publishing software talk effectively with the first mass-market PostScript laser printers, and then brought networking to those who could not employ specialist technicians.


This means that even if your Mac is still receiving security patch support, there is a non-trivial chance that your system is not running the latest version, even though you thought it was installed.

It is eleven years since Apple dropped support for its former networking system, AppleTalk. Must we be using Intel Macs?

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In a related blog postDuo Security said users should check if they are running the latest version of EFI on their Macs, and it has released a tool to help do so. Occasionally it will also become unresponsive. But I guess this might also be something about ppc vs intel?

Gently updated from the original, which was first published in MacUser volume 20, ei 11, There seems to be something interfering with the way bundled EFI firmware updates are getting installed, leading to systems running old EFI versions.

Appletal, far I have tried on two OS X Specialist dealers such as Grays of Westminster do a good trade in older Nikon products, some of which have appreciated in value. Is it a PowerPC problem? Is there anything we can do?

It is easy to see why Apple got out of the printer business, as its products often outlast a whole series of Macs, and still keep pumping out the pages. Press Esc to cancel. It also recommends updating to the latest version of macOS High Sierra. Although there are limitations in using older Nikon lenses with D or D70 digital bodies, you can still use your favourite optics, made long before CCDs kicked celluloid out of cameras.


Skip to content A new research paper from Duo Security, shared by Ars Technicareveals that a significant number of Macs are running out-of-date EFI versions, leaving them susceptible appetalk critical pre-boot firmware exploits. Sooner or later you will have to face up to the fact that your printer has obsolesced long before its mechanism has even become slightly arthritic.

HP, Xerox, Brother, Epson. The slow speed seems to be just as slow when using appletalk, smb or ip-printing. Those don’t show any slowness in print dialog windows with the Fiery. If you have finished the Times crossword before breakfast and fancy something a bit more challenging, then start here currently active link and keep going until you have allocated yourself an IP address.

Some other posts on the Internet I ran across by users with the same problem were these below.

The security firm analyzed 73, Macs used in production environments and found that, on average, 4. The driver I am using is: And our old Toshiba copier that got taken away yesterday didn’t have this problem.