Starting with the assumption that if i turned the tesla coil on and off fast enough, would that on and off pulse of the khz resonant circuit create my sound if it was in audible frequencies. I have found this guide to flybacks on this website http: The voltage i can turn from 0 to 32 V, and the flyback stard to make that nice sound, but no arc. Are there pots somewhere in the ciruit? Any suggestions to fix this? November 2, at

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555 Audio Modulated 20kV Flyback

Hi, after some modifications got it to work on my own aircoil. Nice arcs, sounds good too. March 3, at To flyyback best power out I need to mod my f,yback to have Duty Cycle adjustment. Thanks for the fast replies! Skip to content This single transistor flyback driver topology was created in response to achieve higher efficiency and higher output voltages from ordinary CRT television flybacks diode split flybacksfor experiments such as x-rays or ionic lifters, without having to make any external HV aurio.

There are basically 2 kinds of modern flybacks, television flybacks are driven near 15kHz and monitor flybacks are driven between Khz. I am using the exact same setup except with a IRF mosfet instead of the one listed.

Good day to all This monster generates DC? Thanks for your schematic, its very simple to build, but you should put that 1K resistor to avoid destroy the NE To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: One thing I noticed while kitting this thing into a box was that it will arc pretty easily up to about two inches.


Flyback driver #2: NE quasi-resonant – BOGIN, JR.

Hi Bryan Hubble covered the most, a tip on reading the schematic, black dots on the lines indicate that the lines are connected, all other lines crossing without a dot means there is no connection.

But I have a flyback I am going to try instead now as i ultimately want my tesla coil to play music. December 13, at The Amp is lethal? What do you think is going wrong? Im using a ATX W power supply with a max of 20A on 12v channel, if the device works with 5 primary windings to obtain a large arc it works perfect but if i reduct the windings to 4 the ATX shuts down xD… excesive amps drain.

More on this here. Like I said before any help would be greatly appreciated! Your projects is really nice, you did a good job.

555 Audio modulated flyback

I built this circuit with a 12v 6 amp power supply. Also, what volume do you get on this plasma speaker?

The drain is connected to the wire that wraps around the flyback, and the source is connected to the negative power supply. Hey Stephen The primary coil of a ignition coil could have too many windings compared to the few you could wind yourself on a flyback transformer.


I am at a loss for what to do since I am building this as a hobby and have limited experience with electronics in general.

Could you email the circuit and list of components you used to build your Monster driver? Working with electricity is dangerous, all information found on my site is for educational purpose and Flybqck accept no auxio for others actions using the information found on this site. You limit the the current draw by adjusting the frequency en duty cycle on R1 and R2, but this circuit should never get anywhere near 26A at 30 or even 12VDC.

Fire in the hole!

Audio Modulated 20kV Flyback – Projects and Interests

March 16, at Try to calculate the resonant frequency of your secondary with the aluminium topload, then see if you can modify the circuit to be in range of that same frequency. Then I tried to connect it to a 16v 1A power supply and the power supply somehow managed to short internally lots of smoke and it heated up. June 20, at Hey Giorulesall I am not sure, but when flybacck circuit runs open loop there could be transients going backwards in the circuit and other stress factors that could make the MOSFET squelch.