Auto Each IDE channel supports a master device and a slave device. Your case and CPU might have cooling fans attached to provide adequate ventilation to the system. Introduction Use the Introduction Chapter to learn about the features of the mainboard, and verify the checklist of items that are shipped with the package. Optimized Defaults Shutdown Temperature Enables you to set the maximum temperature the system can reach before powering down. Higher clock speeds and larger amounts of cache memory deliver greater performance. Installing the Mainboard in a Case Most system cases have mounting brackets installed in the case, which correspond to the holes in the mainboard.

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Plug one of the connectors on the diskette drive cable into the data connector on the back edge of the floppy diskette drive. Use this item to enable or disable the ACPI feature.

MATSONIC MS7127C User Manual

This program is available for: Installation Use the Installation Chapter to learn how to install the mainboard and get your system up and running. After the POST routines are completed, the following message appears: In the Memory Resources sub menu, use the first item Reserved Memory Base to set the start address of the memory you want to reserve for the ISA expansion card. The processor pin-1 cor- ner is beveled.

You might need to run the Setup Utility and change the boot priority items on the Advanced BIOS Features Setup page, to force your computer to boot from the floppy diskette drive first. Installation Quick Installation Table This chapter explains how to successfully install the mainboard into a computer case and build a working system.


Check the Jumper Settings Check the mainboard jumpers to ensure that the board is con- figured correctly. Install the DIMM module into the slot and press it firmly down so that it seats correctly.

8S661Fxmtiu Sound Driver

Select Enabled to support compliance with PCI specification version 2. The right side jack is for a microphone. Ensure that your case supports all the features required. Processor Number Feature Default: To choose a processor, you need to consider the performance require- ments of the system and the price of the processor.

Keep the board in its static-proof packing until you are ready to install it. To install a password, follow these steps: If you typed the password correctly, the password will be installed. This board includes a built-in VGA system that does not require palette snooping so you must leave this item disabled.

If your system is not functioning correctly, try ms7127x the fail-safe defaults as a first step in getting your system working properly again. If the clip of the cooling fan scrapes across the mainboard, you may cause serious damage to both the mainboard and the processor.

You can use the cursor arrow keys to move the highlight to other options. Keyboard wake up jumper Use this mw7127c to enable keyboard activity to wake up the system from power saving mode.



Further, the manufacturer reserves the right to revise this publication and to make changes from time to time in the content hereof without obligation of the manufacturer to notify any person of such revision or changes. The documentation of your IDE device explains how to do this. If the error occurs before the display device is initialized, a series of beeps will be transmitted.

We recommend that you create a new formatted DOS system floppy diskette. When pins 2 and 3 are short, the onboard codec is disabled.

Short pins JP6 1 2 3 JP7: Use the illustration below to make the correct connections to the case switches and indicators. The integrated super IO controller supports two serial ports, an IR port, parallel port, and floppy disk controller functions.

This device may not cause harmful interference, and! They are display only: Advanced Chipset Features Option Advanced Chipset Features Option Soun option displays a table of items that define critical timing parameters of the mainboard components including the memory, and the system logic.