If the reboot process takes less than 10 minutes, and this temporarily improves menu performance, the problem may be due to memory leaks. Thus, you do not need a high definition TV in the second room to receive these signals. Note that not all of these applications are available in all cable systems. The Honda Musical Road post date: In fact, under Moxi software version 3.

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The blue circle that indicates a program is scheduled to record does not appear for programs on channels that do not have a custom logo they have a generic TV logo instead. Alternatively, or in addition, you could connect different outputs to different inputs on your TV to separate HD and SD channels. The Moxi itself has little effect on these aspects of picture quality.

The way to fix the world IM and AIM this function apparently works through the Opera web browser ; and “Ambient” which allows remote tuning and scheduling through a grid-based guide, content management, playlist creation, and content moxxi through a web based portal.

This connection allows the simplest viewing experience, as it outputs all available resolutions with no tuning delays, and there is likely minimal difference in quality compared to the digital DVI-D output see below. West Hollywood, here I come If possible, avoid the use of cable signal amplifiers.

These artifacts are particularly obvious when there is a lot of movement in a scene, such as when the camera is panning rapidly during a football or hockey game. Given the different pause times for HD and SD channels, it is likely that this strategy is as closely linked to the relatively small live TV buffer as it is to being an actual “screensaver”. This function is planned for software version 4.



However, the bug still omxi under version 3. This is unlike some ReplayTV DVRs, in which end-users routinely install larger hard drives to increase recording capacity without affecting function and transfer firewite to their home computers. Second, even within the HD and digital SD categories, different channels use somewhat different amounts of hard drive space per unit time both within and between cable systems. If you program it to control your receiver, you can control mute and volume only not power.

However, you will lose Dolby Digital. On digital channels, multiple audio tracks can be encoded in the data-stream. Growling sound with RF connection to TV: However, when playing the program, it is the correct length.

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This problem supposedly has been partially addressed in intermediate 3. The following information on future software releases fireaire compiled from past postings by MoxiGuy, as well as a few other seemingly reliable sources.

It likely uses around 5 GB of the hard drive.

In addition, you are supposed to keep the Moxi away from other heat-generating components ffirewire have at least two inches of clearance on the top, sides, and back. Bye Bye Dead Accounts cough, gag, hack If your signal level is too high at the origination point, an “attenuator” can be used to reduce it.


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Moxi stores up to 30 minutes of SD or 10 minutes of HD programming in temporary memory. After weeks of frustration, I set forth with one thought: You may prefer to watch such programs with the pillar-box so that there is no distortion in the picture. This option provides fireewire values.

moxk Pictures of the inside of the BMC Hackers can get around the DRM, anyway. As such, there typically are fewer transport options, and those transport options that are available may not perform as rapidly.

When scheduling such programs for recording on the Moxi, they may be designated duplicates or repeats. Final decision about when to push an update to subscribers rests with the cable operator.

To see how many minutes of the current show are stored, press play. These products consist of hardware reference designs, software, and back-end services. I recorded a show and in the recorded shows list it showed up three times – two as finished one hour shows and one as still recording.