Is Die Hard a Christmas Movie. I must admit to not having put the driver or the 3 wood to the test as the hybrid 3 is getting me into nice positions on the fairways; I will give them some range time eventually though to get confident enough to take them on the course, they stay in the car currently! I would just go hit them, but I’m still new and don’t really know what to look for anyway. Tighten grip in the through swing. Has anyone had any experiences with Maxfli Irons? The club makes a solid sound when you make contact. I could always hit a 3 iron well but I get so much more loft with the hybrid and extra distance too.

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Many amateurs grip the club too lightly, then squeeze harder throughout the swing. I would say it probably far predates that. Tighten grip in the through swing. Review of Maxfli PowerMax Drivers. Posted August 2, I went out and bought the complete set of powermax for a pretty good deal at SA.

The driver and 3 wood from the same set make up my bag. I’m very pleased with the purchase.


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Other posts related to maxfli powermax irons include: Maxfli Powermax definitely fits the bill I immediately got rid of the driver The popup will be closed in 10 seconds Register for free today! Skip to main content. They seem forgiving and my one poweramx in particular whose swing is horrendous, actually hurts the eyes who can hit the ball a decent distance even on mishits while still keeping the ball in play.

Back in the old days, Im talking like s hereit was common custom for a man to take his hat off at various times. However, often you get what you maxlfli for, and I feel like I’d really like to upgrade at 3-wood and the hybrids, but money is tight right now so I will keep these. Skip to main content.

Maxfli Powermax Distance Balls

I credit the Maxfli driver with giving me an extra 20 yards at least off the tee. Posted August 1, I could always hit a 3 iron well but I get so much more loft with the hybrid and extra distance too. Hello everyone, I just started playing golf about a month ago, and I already want to upgrade my old mismatched maxifoi me down irons. This thread is days old. I didn’t have any time poowermax warm up.


I’m sensing a disconnect here. I tend to disagree. This club swings solid, and definitely doesn’t feel cheap. Share this post Link opwermax post Share on other sites.

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We’d love to have you! The folks who are saying it is a Christmas movie appear to be doing it tongue-and-cheek for the most part.

I do focus on the centered hip turn as this could easily turn into a sway if done incorrectly. I had a torn meniscus resected last year on my left knee and it will get sore after a round or range session.

I’ve never broken at The Pines, and my first time powrrmax with this driver, I shot Already have an account?

I hope we are all debating in good fun.