His weapons of choice are a pair of wolf claws made out of energy positioned at his hands, being an aura-like weapon. In the Star Mandala, they are also given human form. He had called both Kuro and Souma ‘muscle darumas’. This is where another journer begins, and while both of them are going through worlds, they found themselves being at a set of variois worlds with rainbow radiance. They had a limited time Unit skill throughout this event. Eichi has referred to him as the ‘adorable angel of Death’ before.

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Keito Hasumi

In the section immediately surrounding the central Buddha are squares or circles containing deities representing the Nine Celestial Luminaries the Sun, the Moon, five planets, and two mythical stellar phenomena and the Seven Stars of the Big Dipper constellation. In the Star Mandala, they are also given human form. Keito isn’t shown to have many particular skills. He wears high black boots with black laces.

Keito Nichi

Small x10, Medium x5, Large x1 P2: Like the mandalas of the Himalayan Vajrayana tradition, Japanese mandalas typically feature a Buddha positioned in a central square or circle, framed by an entourage of bodhisattvas and other deities arranged hierarchically in layers of surrounding squares or circles. When she’s being Ivrogne, she wears a fitted jumpsuit with white, yellow and black stripes, frills around the thigh area, and a Bougainvilleae designed collar.


According to recent research into this type of mandala by Japanese scholar Tsuda Tetsuei of the National Institute of Cultural Properties in Tokyo, and explored in detail by independent American scholar Mark Schumacher, they first emerged in Japan during the Heian period.

Retrieved from ” http: He wears his school uniform done up neatly, his shirt and blazer completely buttoned up, together with a green tie.

Small x6, Medium x1 C1: Serene Sage Keito Hasumi. He had called both Kuro and Souma ‘muscle darumas’.

This website saves cookies to your browser in order to improve your online experience and show you personalized content. Small x10, Medium x5, Large x2 Q1: Despite her outwardly cold and business-like personality, she seems to genuinely care for the people around her, and does not seem to be fond of the more underhanded tactics used by her fellow Order members.

As his dream was to be a mangaka, he used to use “Mizuhanome-sensei” as his pen name, and still sometimes uses that name for posters he occasionally draws for the school. Bringing Mindfulness to Life. Small x10, Medium x5, Large x1 K Level 60 ;: Small x6, Medium x2 F1: Small x10, Medium x5, Large x2 R1: In East Asian astrology, the five main planets are associated with the five elements and the five directions, and, along with the Sun northeast and the Moon northwestthey give their names to the days of the week: Small x7, Medium x3 G1: The Buddha figure at the center of these mandalas is typically shown seated in the lotus position, holding a golden wheel in his hands.


Cosmic Contemplations: A Glimpse of Japan’s Rare Star Mandalas | Buddhistdoor

Dakini As Art inactive. Anzu is one of his fans. She has also been revealed to be the East Maiden.

Most intriguingly, Saturn is depicted as wizened old man riding a bull, a representation that originates in China. At some point in the past she was very close with them to the point where the three of them made things together as well as she and Wako once tried being a singing duo. Central section dtar a rectangular Star Mandala, Japan, Edo period — The bottom part is red with white paint splotches, and he wears black fitted pants underneath.

Rectangular Star Mandala, midth century.

Keito Nichi is the class rep in Takuto’s class and dtar in front of him, she also is known as Ivrogne, leader of the Glittering Crux Brigade’s “Bougainvilleae” Squad. Keito’s personality is shown to be mostly closed and firm.

It includes a one-sleeved fur trimmed red and white kimono with a yellow striped sleeve. It is shown that Sugata sstar Keito once had a close relationship but it eventually changed. Small x10, Medium x5, Large x1 I