I’m running windows 98 which I’m sure is not helping. Magenta is out and the printer refuses to print anything. I followed the advice found on Wes’s website to determine if my print tube was disconnected, it was. Read through the forums, epson printers are famous for clogged print heads, even if you use Epson brand ink. Every now and then though not with this printer I have purchased a cheap noname ink cartridge and it has failed to work for more than a few times this doesn’t stop me from buying said products, though.

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My printer started by running out of black ink. Why would anyone want an Epson printer? Hi My printer has a small problem.

Since replacing the cartridges and having to take apart the whole thing just to reconnect the tube, my printer now prints misaligned text. The scanner error is easy to fix.

Epson Stylus CX5400 printing problem

Refine more Format Format. Slide 544000 print head carriage to the left side of the printer. Today I changed all the colored cartridges three in all. Reseat all the connections.

I had a similiar problem. Easy enough, I typed in “yellow ink stopped printing” thinking that I would not find any information. Or are my CX days coming to a quick end? I only changed the ink cartridge and all the lights stayed on then? Red seemed to be more yellow. Probably, unless you want to have your printer repaired.


I also used a little dab of gorilla glue on the outside of the hoses after reconnecting them and it appears to be holding it was what I had!

HP epson in Other Printer & Scanner Accs | eBay

This allowed cz to get the tube back on. What I think I’ll end up using, though, is a small four-inchlightweight, adjustable crescent wrench.

If you ever use the hot water to clean the actual print head assembly, then you should actually use Distilled Water, because it has less chemicals and mineral in it, that could actually cause nore problems in that assembly Furthermore it tends to hang up if printing more than 10 pages in a row. In spite of the warnings, and my careful reassembly, the holder got broken and now I can print just fine, but the scanner won’t work due to a “scanner error.

Look, Rocket Scientist, we have 10, people hit this forum daily. However, it was doing the same thing and I had to clean the printer head to fix the problem. How do 54000 start from the very beginning, such as getting the carriage in the best position?


Epson Stylus CX printing problem | FixYourOwnPrinter

I had these same problems as you have experienced. Brand see all Brand.

I will never own another. I tried doing a head cleaning several times, and an alignment, and a nozzel check.

I’m having what seems to be a big problem for the CX in printing blank pages and am willing to try to repair it. Its usually because of the inexpensive and or incompatable electrical chips that are mounted on some brands of generic or third-party ink cartridges.

The website you reference here is probably the best one I’ve been to in the past year. This is the same chemical used by epson in their service department. Needless to say it won’t print at all now. I have had nothing but problems anytime I need to change cartridges.

I went to the website from Wes and thought Getting the tubes connected is largely a matter of having the right tools.