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Since the FY offers a good number of features, there is a lot of information you may need to read about in the included manual. Despite having 6 preset equalizer settings and one user customizable setting, we were unable to find anything to satisfy our bass cravings. Mobile by Lynn La Aug 29, The B icon will start to blink. The iPod changed the world. However, Digitalway has added an innovative touch to the software and incudes a separate plug-in installer so you can use your favorite program to interface with the FY

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The intro part of the track is played back when the key is pushed in mpio fy seconds after playback. Newer Post Older Post.

This hurts this player significantly as a thumb drive substitute. The FY is a fairly good product and we are sure once the kinks are worked out, will be one of the better MP3 players on the market. FM radio recording capability, audio auto gain control, auto power off, hold button, playback speed control, upgradeable firmware, voice operated recording, voice recording.

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I have checked the cables that I have so that isn’t the problem. This makes it easy for the FY to fall when working out. The world moved on, but we still remember our first MP3 players From iPods to SanDisk Sansas, we reminisce about our first MP3 players — and all the music we packed in our pockets. Sonance Sonamp SE. The iPod changed the world. We were very impressed with this feature and could find it useful when transferring audio files between two different sources.


I suppose I will try and format the memory-see if that works. Can anybody help me? The nylon case fits around the FY very snugly and makes the player controls very difficult to use through the plastic windows.

Posted on Wednesday, September 07, – Unlike some portable audio devices which can double as a mass storage device, the full size USB interface is not built into the player itself.

But if you’re still in the market for a dedicated music player, there are still some worthy options out there. Sony’s Android-powered high-res audio player sounds great, but it’ll cost ya Sony’s Android-powered high-res audio player sounds great, but it’ll cost ya by Ty Pendlebury.

Iv’e read the manual but it doesn’t help.

[email protected] MPIO FY200

Posted on Tuesday, May 03, – The answer is just like every other MPIO product we have tested to date, and this is a good thing for the most part. Can someone please help! Mobile by Lynn La Aug 29, And what about max SDcard size? Long story short, there are two small circuit boards inside the case.


China Wah Unregistered guest. Posted on Friday, Fy200 27, – This is important because it will save precious storage space on the unit. Ryan Smith New member Username: If you should choose to, you can record the song being played over the FM tuner as well and save it for playback later. The standard neck headphones that Digitalway packs with the FY are of relatively high quality.

Download MP3 Player [email protected] MPIO drivers and software.

Thank you for [email protected] whose kind enough to help: So, I lost all my songs. Ignores the existing saved stations and search channels in the band within Default is set to 3 sec. The FY pictured with its saftey catch. Overall the FY would be a good player for listening to rock or other music with little emphasis on bass.

Not only do these devices have wildly divergent features, but ongoing format wars mean the MP3 player you choose dictates where you can buy your mipo music.