When the site program uses an unfixed IP, the center program cannot access the site program. No I dont have a Key.. Searching multiple cameras at one time makes impossible to control image so click stop button and then choose only one camera to adjust the image. Breakage or trouble made by natural disaster. How to connect to Site DVR………. After the other options have been chosen and the Backup button is pressed, a backup will be created to the selected file path and name. It is possible to select several cameras at the same time, and it is possible to back up data in AVI format for multiple cameras at the same time.

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Kodicom DigiNet DigiNet Site(V4.100) User Guide

Select time of the day and select drag the area and then select recording mode from [Record Mode]. Health Monitor ……………………………………………………………80 It is diginnet to select several cameras at the same time and back up data in AVI format for each camera. If you check on the box you can use Watermark function.

Then, the following window will appear: It is done by extending and an hour when starting and delaying an hour when ending. You need to save the watermark check program only once at the beginning. Prints out in the same size as extended on the monitor. Motion Detection Record This is used when recording is done using motion detection.


KODICOM DigiNet Center(v4.100) User Guide DigiNet.

What video siginet are you using? Regardless of file name and size of the image which will change, you may select BMP form of every image, and the existing E-Map image will be deleted when E-Map image changes.

Select [Goto] after selecting the time you wish to move in order to move to the right location to put the image. Click [Stop Recording] if you want to record. Icons according to camera statuses are as follows.

In order to delete registered list, select the list you wish to delete from [Backup list] then select [Delete log] button. Size of the printed image 1.

Share this post Link to post Share on other sites. Designated number is not the number koficom the images but it is an internal value for DigiNet program. It only detects the motion within the period of set time. Center Communication setup………………… ………………14 6. Refer to page 17 for password change.

Information from backup schedule setup list will not be recorded if you do not click [Setup] button. Index searching is possible when a data of over digginet day is stored after DigiNet v4. For audio configuration, refer to Page The software needed some work to make it Windows 7 complaint.


However, you can back up images in the drive only one by one. Password dos not exist when manufactured. You can adjust recording rate by dragging the mouse on horizontal scroll button. Diginer on [Choose Beep Sound] if you wish Beep sound occurs only within the time you set.

Kodicom DigiNet DigiNet Site(V) User Guide – ppt download

Then, the following window will appear. It is possible to distinguish by Site Code when backup data is stored from many sites in backup medium.

In order to use 2Way audio function, above information should be applied to Remote and site simultaneously. Radio, TV or Radio devices might be harmful to the system. To erase some part of the detection area, move mouse pointer out of the screen 7 5 [Sensitivity: If the error is not recovered within 10 minutes, this will operate every 60 minutes. Only one channel that is setup for audio can be played on full-screen mode or searching in 1channel mode.

A user enters an IP addresses of a site.