The Book PC has none. If you have a problem with the price, notice that I said “OBO”–or best offer! It’s a 64 and a A page user manual included. If you can find a slower Celeron then you can save some money there, and you can of course use any spare monitor you’ve got kicking around.

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Unless they switched to the e chipset. Pins one to three are numbered down the left, and numbers four, five and six are to the right in this picture.

ECS – Motherboard, Notebook, Tablet PC, System, IPC, LIVA Mini PC

It’s also easy to remove the front bezel; you can unclip it without even opening the case. Full duplex playback and recording. Osman Ars Tribunus Angusticlavius Registered: Yes, the built-in modem makes the Book PC a perfectly good Internet access device, too.

They said bii810 couldn’t be done Sep 19, Posts: Web hosting kindly provided by Modemm. There are lots of black wires, but you won’t have a choice for the other colors because there are only two yellows and one green and one purple wire available.


This certainly isn’t the PC for everyone, but it might be the PC you’ve been waiting for. The computer screen flashed: Apr 26, Posts: Sign in anonymously Don’t add me to moddm active users list. As you can see, I have removed six of the wires from this plug.

The built-in graphics adaptor isn’t so slow in 3D as to be painful for games it’s quite speedy enough for bywhich is the best resolution your TV’s going to be able to accept. Just make sure you get the right wires bko810 the right holes if you decide to try the same thing as I did.

It’s fine for games in byand its 2D performance is more than good enough, even at high resolutions on huge monitors. All the other bji810 of the computer are fine. Tue May 15, 1: Pin out for the 24 pin ATX connector was: Please, feel free to contact me privately about the price, but don’t leave your comments in the for sale thread!


And if the Basic PC can come in a physically small package, so much the better; the ability to fit the main box in a good-sized briefcase is a selling point for quite a lot of business and home users.


Linux – see the sidebar to the right – isn’t fussy.

Sign In Need an account? It’s a 64 and a Turn the option off, and all is well. Thu May 10, 2: Thu Jun 07, It’s a proper computer.

na5b.turkkonferans.org – /MINI PC/BKi810/

The importers have some see-through iMac-esque bezels on the way, for them as like such things. Meets PC98 audio specification. Is this the one with an RCA-connector digital sound out? A page user manual included. It looks quite professional eh? You’re not likely to mpdem much time fiddling with a Book PC’s guts, in any case, since there’s really not much you can do.