They have low loss brown micanol bases. Another thing is you have to use two 6J5 tubes to make one 6SN7 tube, so you will need a quad to replace a pair. Do you already have an account? I’m glad you guys got a kick out of it. Creamy mids but not the most detailed, and a good but not extended high-end.

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Tall bottle, chrome at the bottom, black base, white writing. As far as matched quads I tried that they were very good specially the Raytheon’s but, from listening I discovered that a tube from two different brands sounded better then four from the same brand.

These have triangular shaped plates which are black in color.

Ham SandwichHelom and Strat-Mangler like this. Later produced ones are also of very good quality and usually have triangular shaped plates.

Top 5 6SN7’s

I find the RCA’s to be closest to your needs I literally have hundreds of tubes, which I have to eat because, I couldn’t make 4 of a kind! I haven’t tried the red base RCA that some folks rave about. Post 5 of Jan 23, at 3: Your name or email address: I did like how the brimar cv sounded in my amp.


I like the sylvania but it doesnt match with my system as well as the other two.

Later versions ‘s have the gettering on the top and taller glass. True ‘s have extra support rods between the top and bottom mica 6sn77.

Looking for 6SN7 tube rolling recommendations…

The 3rd one is the most expensive and 6sh7 only one I haven’t gotten yet. The base of the tube is labeled in green letters. These should have a long life.

For you solid-staters, let this be a perhaps frightening glimpse into that curious medical condition known as “Toob Madness”.

The 2nd and 3rd best ones are similar to the best one: They can also be found under different brand names just like RCA and Hytron. Strat-Mangler bwst, Jul 14, I have a MFA “Venusian” preamp, a 3 chassis!

TullmanJul 14, RCA 6SL7 smoked glass.

Toob Madness Or The 6SN7 Zoo by Raymond Chowkwanyun

These are the ones I would look for: Pretty amazing that Google reacted that quickly. These are also in short supply. They are well known for their superb sound, but beware they can be micorphonic.


Stay away 6sm7 the 6J5-WGT’s to the untrained eye, they look like 6J5-GT, but the break-in period is so long that never in my life have a broken-in a quad and I no longer have the patience to try. You need to try different types to see what you like best. All that ruggedization paid off.

Top 5 6SN7’s | Headphone Reviews and Discussion –

Double post I guess These can be pricey because of the connection with the vt’s and there is conflicting opinion whether these vt’s are really any different or better than std 6sl7’s. Most have flat gray plates. December 24, – 1: The Head-Fi thread was excellent, but it’s not at that address – or not that I could find.