Repeat step 4 to register the address numbers. Page 54 2 Paper and Other Media Insert the small protrusions at the bottom of the guide into the holes corresponding to the paper size 1. Page 13 Authentication and Accounting Features Authentication This section describes the Authentication feature used with the machine. Configuration for Authentication Configuration for Authentication This section describes the settings to use the Authentication feature on the machine. For information on downloading drivers and softwares in your country, please contact fuji xerox in your region. When you specify a range of address numbers, the list of settings for the specified address numbers is printed.

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The following limits can be placed on the Copy service for each user: Never use aerosol cleaners, or it may catch fire and cause explosion. Turn the knob 4a to the right to eject the paper to the right bottom tray. Lift up the lever to open the top left cover.

Fuji xerox apeosport iii c3300 driver download

When you use Internet Explorer, even if you click “To delete file, click here. The date and time of the error occurred and the error codes are printed. Page 5 Tools Allow to edit From if Search Found Set whether or not to protect e-mail addresses from being changed under [From] on the [E- mail] tab when a login user retrieves an e-mail address. Delivery Confirmation Method Set the default value for the c64 of confirming that an Internet fax sent has arrived or not.


Fuji Xerox Co. drivers – Fuji Xerox Co. Printer Drivers

When [Log Out from Control Panel] is selected, you can logout by operating the touch screen or control panel. Unable to Print If you cannot print a document, identify the symptom in the following table to perform the remedy. Note that Fuji Xerox is not responsible for a privacy issue of the user caused by using the Image Log Control feature.

The configuration of an IP address, a subnet mask, and a gateway address is not required. When You Cannot Print Network-related Problems When you cannot print Cause Check point Remedy The machine is processing a Confirm whether the machine Wait until the machine print job from a different is processing a print job. You can specify a value from 1 to hours in 1 hour increments. The following two types of device certificate can be used on the machine: Page HP-GL2 Emulation How to Determine the Scaling Ratio When auto scaling is being used, although the scaling ratio is determined by document size xpeosport-iii paper size, it differs according to the scale mode setting.

ApeosPort-III C4400

When loading paper other than plain paper, you must change the paper apeosport-iik setting. Printed error history The image conversion processing for the part of the data may be completed.

Page 15 Appendix The area specified by x46 last IW command in the data becomes the active coordinates area. Print the Meter Report Prints a meter report, which is helpful when you check counters before you reset or delete them. Index Screen After Auto Clear Types of paper loaded in trays The apeospkrt-iii automatically detects the size and orientation of loaded paper in a apeosprot-iii, but not a paper type. Displays the cumulative time of Total Runtime runtime printing or scanningstandby time, Sleep mode time, warm-up time, and power-off time of the machine by minutes.


In the report, a remote terminal name and a result or a status of each operation are recorded by outgoing and incoming transmission. Each page contains the settings information on 50 address numbers.

PDIK [Operating Environment]

The following shows the reference section for each feature. Apeosport-iil Saver Mode Select [Save]. The feature is designed to restore data to the machine after the hard disk is replaced.

Activity Report Activity Report You can print apeosport-ili reports to check whether a transmission is successfully completed or not. Spool to Hard Disk Carries out spooling. Energy Saver Mode Energy Saver Mode The machine is equipped with the Energy Saver mode that reduces the power consumption by saving the electricity to the machine when no copy or print data is received for a specified time.

Use only staple cartridges recommended by Fuji Xerox. Fuji xerox apeosport vi provides mobile print and management solutions which reduce administration work, secure and enhance its information infrastructure.

When a message displayed on the screen, follow the message apeoxport-iii reboot the machine. Cause Has a paper or document jam occurred?

If the same message is displayed again, contact our