I’m runnin winXP, and the 4in1 driver installed 2 things, even though according to the site it should only install 1. These aren’t just graphic related problems either. X installed Win 98 comes with IE 4. So then what exactly sets the AVE3 apart from the others? Other than that, the board design is absolutely flawless. However the reason it helps out here is that they include other drivers which provide general system stability and improve performance HEAPS.

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This does not need to be applied if you had the Voodoo Banshee cards as the Delv.

The Mother Board

The 4 in 1 doesn’t include sound drivers. But that will only be good for any registry problems involving vid card drivers. I’m runnin winXP, and the 4in1 driver installed 2 things, even though according to the site it should only install 1. Of course this only will apply if you are upgrading to an NVidia card from a 3Dfx one. Let the registry editor search for each item you want to delete and this should prevent major problems.

The Mother Board • View topic – 08/31/XA-6A6LJHH9C

Best bet at this point would be a major backup operation, followed by a clean install. So moral is that you can’t just go and install ’em when ever you feel like it, they MUST be the very first thing that’s installed. Transcend’s position is a very unique one indeed. Once you are done with all this, simply re-install the new drivers and the problem should be gone! I believe this guide was from the guru3d site.


With the AVE3, it was rather difficult to find any fault with anything at all. Also download the Delv.

Otherwise they’ll probably just cause more problems and instability well they did for me. I think the sound driver for the VIA chipset’s audio codec isn’t included in the 4in1s To do that, do the following: Of all the boards tested, only Soltek and Transcend have included these sonud with their motherboards.

It was certainly pleasing to note Transcend did take the more practical aspect of the situation. If you do not, you may have to go through this process again to remove the remaining problems.

I think I’ve missed something here Can you please provide me with your full system specs so I can assist you further. X installed Win 98 comes with IE 4. In this box, the ‘Look in’ section needs to say C: Did you clean out all the old video drivers from 694x-686z system? Beginners Guides Cases and Access. To do this do the following: Clean layout and design permits me to think that Transcend spent extra time the planning stage of the AVE3.


Hopefully you get what I’m trying so say here! There is a seperate driver for the audio Let me know if you need further details. First of all, it is a well known fact that ISA cards are on their way out of existance and AMR devices have not seen much daylight at all. This finishes the first part. The only oddity that I might find with this is the event of having two neighboring card attached via a pass through connector.

Click on ‘View’ from the menu choices at the top and select either ‘Options’ or ‘Folder suond depending on if you have Internet Explorer 3. Best bet is certainly a format and clean install – followed by proper introduction of drivers.